Inaugural Google Hangouts Live on Air Global #1carejc – Wed 11th Dec, 20:00 GMT – Check Your Own Time Zone – All Are Welcome!

As part of a recent workshop on Social Media that I presented with Dr Liam Farrell (@drlfarrell) at the 2013 Irish College of General Practitioners Winter Meeting, I conducted a number of Google Hangout interviews. One of these was with Dr Anne Marie Cunningham. 

During the course of preparing for recording the interview, we got talking about using the vehicle of Google Hangouts to conduct online CME in the form of a journal club. Clearly, this idea had already been suggested on this blog and in other fora, but I like getting things done, so suggested to Anne Marie that we get started. She didn’t say no!

On foot of this and in memory of Dr David Lewis (@drplumeu), we felt it would appropriate to start with a paper that he recommended for #1carejc. A few weeks before he died, David Lewis (@drplumeu) suggested this paper for #1carejc – Please do look up this paper well in advance of the journal club.

Following some negotiation on Twitter over a suitable time that would accommodate as many people as possible globally, it was agreed that we would run the first Google Hangouts Live on Air #1carejc on Wednesday 11th December at 20:00 GMT. This is Thursday 12th December at 06:00 Australian EST, and approximately 15:00 EST in the USA. 

I will post further details in the coming days, but am excited, enthused and invigorated (and somewhat priveleged as a relative #SocMed novice) to be hosting the first of what will hopefully become a regular monthly virtual Google Hangouts global #1carejc.

Keep an eye on this space, on G+, and on Twitter for updates and more information, Please also do spread the word!


Peter A Sloane.


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  1. #1 by amcunningham on November 25, 2013 - 10:24 pm

    Thanks Peter- so delighted you are bringing your energy to this project. I think it can be great!

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