#1carejc Wednesday 11th December 2013, 8pm GMT – Instructions on How to Participate

For anyone intending to join us, the journal club will be broadcast live from 8pm GMT Wednesday 11th December on Google Hangouts Live on Air.

For those of you not familiar with Google Hangouts Live on Air, here is a very simple YouTube clip from Ronnie Bincer giving an excellent overview of what a Hangout on Air is and how it works – Account Setup for Google Plus Hangouts & HOA (Hangouts on Air). To watch the live broadcast you will need to set up a Google+ account. Click here for a link to the Google help page on Hangouts on Air which will help you get set up.

About 45 minutes before we are due to start broadcasting, the unique URL for the broadcast will be posted on this #1carejc wordpress blog, the Primary Care Journal Club Google+ Community Page, and tweeted via the Twitter feed @DrPeterASloane. This will be retweeted by other panellists and hopefully participants. Simply copy the unique URL into your browser address bar and you will be taken directly to the broadcast stream. Before we start broadcasting at 8pm you will see a static screen, once we start broadcasting you will be able to see us live.

During the live broadcast, you will be able to participate by sending questions to the panel. On the right hand side of the broadcast screen is a Q&A feed into which you can type questions. You may need to click on a “Q&A” link on the upper left of the screen to open this Q&A feed. These questions will be seen by the moderator who will endeavour to put as many as possible to the panellists. It may not be possible to take all questions.

Once the journal club is finished, the recorded Hangout will be uploaded onto the Primary Care Journal Club YouTube channel. The link to this channel will be posted on the Primary Care Journal Club Google+ Community Page, the #1carejc wordpress blog, and via Twitter.

The Journal Club Panellists

Professor John C Licciardone of the Osteopathic Research Centre in Austin Texas is the senior author of the paper we are reviewing.

Dr Karen Price (@brookmanknight), is a GP in Melbourne Australia, and Chair of the Women in General Practice Committee of the Victoria Faculty of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Ceri Butler PhD (@butlerceri), is Lecturer in Health Services Research / Medical Education  at UCL Medical School. Ceri will be joining us, not in her role as a lecturer, but as a patient who has suffered from and experienced chronic back pain.

Dr Anne Marie Cunningham (@amcunningham), is a GP and Clinical Lecturer in Cardiff University, Wales, UK. Anne Marie is interested in the use of new technologies to further medical education but not just for the sake of it. She wants to learn how to use the tools that are available to us as well as we can, to help students get the most out of medical education, and become better doctors.

Dr Peter A Sloane (@DrPeterASloane), will be the host and moderator. he is a full time GP working in the West of Ireland, and is also the Programme Director for Establishing GPs in the Irish College of General Practitioners. He has an interest in harnessing the potential of social media within healthcare.

The Journal Club Paper

The paper under discussion is the (open access) paper “Osteopathic Manual Treatment and Ultrasound Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial“. Professor John C Licciardone is the senior author.

There are also three other open access publications that we may refer to. These are: –

Be Prepared!

We are delighted that Professor Licciardone will be joining us as we critique his article. Please do take the time to read the paper and related materials, the links to which are provided above. This will enable perceptive and searching questions to be put to Professor Licciardone as we seek to assess his paper.

Finally, we ask you to spread the word. There is no limit to how many people can view the live broadcast, and we are hoping to set a precedent for hosting engaging and thought provoking Live on Air journal clubs. Help us achieve this goal by being an active participant!


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  1. #1 by amcunningham on December 11, 2013 - 6:25 pm

    Just checking- I’m on a train so I can’t watch the YouTube video on HO on Air. As far as I know google account is not needed to watch the discussion- it will just be a public video on YouTube. But if people want to interact with us eg ask or respond to question then they will need to have a google account just as they would need to have to comment on any youtube video now. Right??

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