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Since Natalie Silvey and Fi Douglas started Twitter Journal Club in 2011 there has been a flurry of activity around the world! Today my  colleague in Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Alastiar Roeves, suggested that a journal club for primary care would be a good idea. Do you agree? I do!

The basic premise is that a journal paper is discussed online. A lot of the discussion can happen on Twitter but it also needs somewhere for the ideas to be explored in more depth and a blog is really useful for that. Amazing things can happen. My most exciting Twitter journal club experience was when Atul Gawande joined in a discussion of his NEJM  surgical checklist paper.

In primary care we will want to spend some time discussing the merit of research we come across, but I think we will want to spend maybe a bigger chunk of time discussing how we can IMPLEMENT the research. This is where the biggest evidence-practice gaps are. It’s also why involving the patients and public will be really useful. How do they think that this research will affect them and their healthcare? It would also be good to try and encourage the discussion to continue on throughout the week. This takes a bit of time and effort as well- transcripts of twitter chats are often very hard to follow so it would be worth committing to try and use storify to help others coming afterwards make sense of the discussion. We might also decide that we wanted to do interesting things like have a google hangout on air with study authors as part of our resources before or after the discussion


How often do we want to hold the discussion- weekly/fortnightly/monthly? I think this depends on how many people we can manage to get involved. When do we want to hold the discussion? Day of week and time… #twitjc happens on Sunday evenings but not every week so maybe we could have #1carejc on Sundays when it was not happening.

Watch this space…

  1. #1 by drpeterasloane on November 25, 2013 - 12:54 am

    Hopefully, the space has been watched enough. Time for action! Please see my post on WordPress – Hosting a Google Hangout Live on Air Journal Club – drpeterasloane.wordpress.com

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